Poke Chin Posture, Dowagers Hump

Poke chin posture describes a common postural variant becoming more prevalent today with increased computer, computer games and TV viewing.  The head is carried forward of the body, often resulting in neck pain and associated symptoms but, at best, just looking terrible.  Many people are unaware of their tendency to a poke chin.  You may be able to blame your parents as your posture, at least in part, is determined by genetics.

Woman with poke chin posture

Poke chin posture can be very unflattering

What it feels like

You may get any of the pains described in our sections on headache, neck pain or upper back pain.  However, not everyone with a poke chin is symptomatic.  However, because it is not a good look, it is worth trying to correct.  In older people, particularly women, a poke chin produces the characteristic “dowager’s hump” posture.  This may be accentuated by the female tendency to have a deposition of fatty tissue at the base of the neck.

Teenager sitting at computer with bad posture

Computer use has increased poor posture

What you can do

Firstly, ask someone to look at your posture, or take a phot from side on.  It is not hard to see the poke chin position.  It is usually obvious in both standing and sitting.  Postural awareness is part of the battle.  If you know you have the problem, you can try and address it.  However, seeing us at Woodlands Physio for a simple postural assessment and advice on postural correction will go a long way to correcting your posture.  Remember, postural correction is ultimately your job.

3 images showing bad to good posture

Postural awareness improves posture

What WE can do

We can’t fix your posture. Only you can.  What we can do for you is look at where you may have muscle imbalances, tightness or weakness in your postural and power muscles, and show you how to improve these aspects to you problem.  We can also show you “correct posture”, something a lot of people are not aware of as they always have bad posture.  In most people, some advice on exercise and posture will do the job.  If your poor posture has resulted in a stiff spine, some mobilising treatment may be required.  A Pilates program will instruct you in correct exercises to use youself.

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